Tracking Law Firm Organic And Social Media Ads Leads

Here’s another question I’ve been asked: How do you track cases coming from organic searches as opposed to coming from Facebook ads?

Basically, you can put a different phone number on your Facebook landing pages. Or here’s what we do a lot of times with our clients. We use a software called LeadOwl, which is really cool.

What LeadOwl Can Do

And what LeadOwl does is this… First, we tie it to a cheat sheet. So we’ll do a Facebook lead ad and it will say, download the free cheat sheet that teaches you how to get creditors to stop calling.

You can tie it into the software LeadOwl, so that the second a lead comes in, you say, enter your best phone number and we’ll text you this guide. That way you make sure that you get their correct phone number.

And then LeadOwl ties into Facebook lead ads. So you automatically get a notification on LeadOwl and with one touch of a button you can press call or you can text them and you can use canned responses. So you can typically track it that way if you’re doing Facebook ads.

What About Organic Leads?

Now if you’re talking about organic Facebook, that’s a little more difficult. But truthfully, there’s not a lot that comes from organic Facebook anymore. So much of it is ads because it all pays to play these days.

The Google Analytics Option

It’ll all come down to your phone number. Now what you could do is you could go to Google analytics and you can go to the acquisitions section and then look under, I think it’s medium. Somewhere in there, it says social, and you can see how many people are coming from there. But it’s kind of hard to do it that way outside of the tracking number.